Elaine’s #18 – Monochrome in Prussian Blue.



I’m afraid my scanner cropped off part of this painting on both sides, I did this on 11 x 15 size and my scanner bed is max 8 1/2 x 11 (standard copy paper size)… so it looks a bit odd. What I liked on this was the sparkle I got using dry brush on the water… and I liked the clouds (hard to see on the scan so trust me the clouds are good) I’m not happy with the house across the water, looks odd, and I do not like the dolphin reflections… they are too dark and not broken enough as they would be on wind blown water. You can’t see it due to the cropping, but I was not happy with my attempts to add the overhanging tree branches… doesn’t really look like anything. All in all it was an interesting exercise that I enjoyed doing.

6 Responses to “Elaine’s #18 – Monochrome in Prussian Blue.”

  1. danscanvas Says:

    I had to laugh. This happy – not happy – discussion is the conversation I have with myself about everything I do. I like it. It is very peaceful and has almost an Asian feel. Great job.

  2. Judy Says:

    I noticed the Asian feel right away too Elaine. The various lights and darks are nicely highlighted with the one color. –love that Prussian Blue! I find using one or two colors to be a satisfying challenge — thanks for reminding me — I need to get to work!

  3. Carl D'Agostino Says:

    “an interesting exercise”

    Much of my work has been this too and I never stop learning. Thanks visit my blog.

  4. Carl D'Agostino Says:

    I don’t see here how to get to recent posts.

    • captelaine Says:

      This blog has fallen into the black hole of the internet… there was a group of 3 or 4 people who posted here, and then nobody posted any more. So this is the most recent post.

  5. Carl D'Agostino Says:

    Best wishes for 2017

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