Elaine’s number 14 – A view of a Marsh


Low Country Marsh

Watercolor marsh… my office is across the street from a marsh area, so that I get to see the marsh and the birds every day… this marsh is based on that marsh… I was going to put an egret in this one, but didn’t leave a spot for it… next time I’ll add an egret or two.

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3 Responses to “Elaine’s number 14 – A view of a Marsh”

  1. judybecklobos Says:

    I really like the blending of the colors in the marsh areas especially. It gives the painting depth. Glad to see your work again Elaine!

  2. caseytoussaint Says:

    Very nice, Elaine. It reminds me of places in New Jersey, where I grew up.

  3. danscanvas.blogspot.com Says:

    Very beautiful! Love the way the sun just lights everything! Takes me to my marshland, the Everglades..

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