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comments please…

January 14, 2011

I’m looking for some feedback…

I’ve taken a very part time job as a painting instructor for beginner /Sunday painters.  I receive a lesson plan for step by step instructions from the company,  for painting a landscape, still life or seascape, from a reference photo.   The first class I’ll be teaching is landscape.  We’ll go through each step of the painting as a class and at the end, each student leaves with a finished painting.  The classes are 2 hours long.

The first class is a landscape and this is the reference photo:

I’m excited about the job but not very excited about my paintings.  Below are my 2 attempts.

I like the sky in the first one and parts of the tree trunks.  (although the color of #2 is off a bit from the camera)

I’m interested in any  and all comments you may have.