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Daffodils in the Rain

May 11, 2011

40 – and moving along

May 4, 2011

I’ve actually been painting lately, even though I’ve been mostly absent from the internet.  Trouble is, painting has not been going well for me in 2011.  I’m trying to paint my way through this bad patch though.  I’ve joined Matthew Archambaut’s Painting Tutorials Online  to try to improve my technique.  Matthew is an illustrator, and works in a very tight style which doesn’t correspond to my lazy and careless personality much, but I’ve been trying to apply myself.  Following are some small studies done from reference photos supplied on his site.  I was unable to make myself do an accurate underdrawing and underpainting – I just plowed in and refined as much as I could.  I think the Model T came out surprisingly well considering my sloppy approach, but I’m not thrilled with the other 2.  The point of these was the palette used. Here is one with a warm palette, one with a cool palette, one with a “broken palette” (basically 2 complementary colors – here I used blue and orange, apparently red and green work well too). Of course I cheated, adding yellow to obtain the green leaves.  I loved using the warm palette, didn`t really like the cool palette and hated the broken palette.  I think the results reflect that.


I also did one more version of that Loire scene – really that will be the very last one from that particular photo.  There will be more of the Loire since I live a stone’s throw away from it though. I followed Jill’s idea and cut out that damned island this time – it was the major problem in my composition.  This is also  tiny.  I haven’t had the nerve to work on a big canvas lately, but working so small creates other problems. This was extremely difficult to control, and I didn’t really get it.

And as I had a lot of leftover paint after that one, I did a quick sketch based on a photo I took from my studio one evening last fall.  This took no more than 20 minutes and the colors are all wrong but I’m counting it because how else will I ever get to 100???  I may turn it into a painting at some point, but I’m not sure.