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Beach Palmetto Trees – Elaine’s #12

April 27, 2011

I messed up the clouds and sky on this one… so I just cropped the sky out of this… is that cheating?

Palmetto Trees on the Beach

Two quick oil studies from the same reference

April 15, 2011

I haven`t been doing much painting since getting stuck on N° 37 (below).   I hated that painting but could not work out what was wrong with it.  The more I worked on it the deeper I dug myself into a hole, but I was like a dog with a bone and just would not let it go! I tried changing the shape of the canvas (and a friend pointed out that I had unconsciously changed the poplar trees into pine trees – I have no idea where they came from!)  I have finally decided to move on and paint over my second attempt.  I`ve been working from a reference photo that just doesn’t have enough information and I don’t have the skill level to pull off a large painting with my imagination.  Anyway, to put this thing to rest I did two small oil studies yesterday working with a limited palette of blue and yellow, plus a little pre-mixed grey and white.  In one I kept to a warmer mix of colors, using cerulean, and in the other I tried to keep things cool, with a touch of alizarin in the blue. The underpainting shows through in both of them.  I may play around with another study combining the two color strings since they are already mixed up, but I will not be doing a large painting.  When I started this landscape series, the plan was to quickly do a whole lot of small studies, but I let myself get bogged down by being overly ambitious.  I really hope to pull myself out of this slump and get working again.

Here’s my reference photo, followed by the latest landscapes – 38 and 39. If you’d like to use the reference and paint one yourself, please feel free to do so.

Elaine’s #11 – Lavender field.

April 9, 2011

Lavender field

This is a watercolor on 9×12 Arches 140 lbs rough paper. I’m not particularly happy with the foreground, nor the lavender rows on the right… too much purple it’s just a bit overwhelming… but an interesting exercise none the less.