comments please…


I’m looking for some feedback…

I’ve taken a very part time job as a painting instructor for beginner /Sunday painters.  I receive a lesson plan for step by step instructions from the company,  for painting a landscape, still life or seascape, from a reference photo.   The first class I’ll be teaching is landscape.  We’ll go through each step of the painting as a class and at the end, each student leaves with a finished painting.  The classes are 2 hours long.

The first class is a landscape and this is the reference photo:

I’m excited about the job but not very excited about my paintings.  Below are my 2 attempts.

I like the sky in the first one and parts of the tree trunks.  (although the color of #2 is off a bit from the camera)

I’m interested in any  and all comments you may have.





4 Responses to “comments please…”

  1. Capt Elaine Says:

    I think they are both great and I would show your students both paintings… AND paint another one that comes out even more different… it will make the students feel better about themselves and their paintings if they see that and EXACT copy is not required for a very nice painting. Congratulations on the class… is this oil painting or watercolor?

  2. judybecklobos Says:

    Thanks Elaine– I like your suggestion about showing my class all the variations. These are all beginner painters so I really want to encourage them.
    Both paintings were done with acrylic. I’ve been so used to painting with watercolor –it’s a challenge to work with acrylics. Fun though!

  3. caseytoussaint Says:

    Hi Judy – sorry to come into this conversation so late – has the class started? How is it going? This is really exciting news.

  4. Judy Says:

    Thanks Casey — it’s good to hear from you again.
    The classes are going well — I schedule only about one a month. In my April class I had 5 students – including one teenager. My goal is to keep things positive and upbeat so we all enjoy the process. It’s good therapy for me too!

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