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Thompson Ride

July 12, 2010

Mid Morn O Ranch

July 12, 2010

I did this painting for the Makawao Paint out last week here on Maui. Its setting is at Oprah's Ranch looking up towards the mountains. I learned to push back the mountains to create atmosphere. Its a hard thing to do in Hawaii, everything is so colorful one wants to use a lot of bright color.

Viva La Provence

July 12, 2010

Did this painting for the Makawao Paint out, a sweet 8x10

Mamas Tide

July 12, 2010

Mamas Fish House Tide Pools

Italian Door – Number 5

July 3, 2010

Karlyn Holman Demo 1  final

I do hope this counts as a landscape. This watercolor painting was done on 300 lbs 9×12 paper based on a demo painting in Karlyn Holman’s new book ‘Watercolor without Boundaries’. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.