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The best laid plans….

March 31, 2010

I’ve been awol lately- a series of things, such as a lost cat, a bad reaction to antibiotics a,d life in general kept me away from my studio for a while, and when I went back to painting I felt as though I was doing everything wrong!

I’d hoped to get back in the swing and be able to post something successful with my mistakes, but there just isn’t time before I go to Turkey later today, so here we are.

The finished version of the virtual paintout Norway scene (which I may not have time to post over there.

A scene from Brittany.  This one is all wrong because I failed to tie the shadow area into the sunny are at all, among other things.  Making mistakes and learning from them  is what this project is all about, right?

and here’s my old friend – that awful bare tree that’s been taunting me for weeks.  I tried again, and had success with mixing the colors ahead, as suggested by  Richard Robinson, my new guru,  but am still struggling with a compromise between detail and overall form.  When I get back from my trip I’ll go out and paint it from life, but it already is starting to have leaves on it….

I’d never have posted this, but I just have no time to do another one.

So that’s  16, 17 and 18!

Now, off to finish last minute packing – I’m leaving for Turkey in a few hours!

Evening Pond

March 22, 2010

Located on the Big Island(Keawaiki) is a historic property oasis in the middle of a lava flow. Blackish water pool make it an interesting place to paint.

15 of 100

March 17, 2010

“Creek Reflections” from the Monthly Painting Challenge

It DOES help to do the same scene over and over —  I’m liking this one.

Number 16 – in stages (and still unfinished)

March 16, 2010

I’ve painted as far as I can on this for now, but I hope that, if I give it an hour or two, I’ll see what needs to be done.

This is a street view from Stavenger, Norway for the Virtual Paintout, so there are  the added complications of getting a decent composition out of a street view, and wanting to reproduce what I see.

I took a photo after the initial block-in, and one after trying to finish it.  I seem to work better in small chunks of time – it gives me a little perspective on what I’m doing.  I’m not sure how that will pan out if I move on to plein air painting.

Here’s the block-in – done on linen but with the cheap paints I’ve been using.

Today I added more detail (too much?).  I felt the need to use higher quality paints, especially for the greens, but I stuck to a basic palette of primaries, plus burnt umber.

I think that something needs to be done about the tree shadows and I notice here that the verticals are off.  I need to let it rest for a while before I touch it though!  I think I may be concentrating too much on the photo and not enough on the painting.

(sigh) why can’t progress be more linear?

13 • 14 of 100

March 15, 2010

Hey! I’m on a roll — 2 posts in one day!

I think I like this composition better than # 11 or 12– —still may try it again…

Below is a quick copy of a painting by Winslow Homer — I really like his style — especially the treatment of the water.

11 • 12 of 100

March 15, 2010

These two paintings are from the photo posted at the Monthly Painting Challenge for the month of March.

I ‘m wasn’t real happy with the first try so I did it again — below is the redo — now I see some things I like better in the first one. I did learn a lot by doing it over…. but, I see lots more that I’d change, I don’t think I was concentrating when I painted those reflections.

…. maybe I’ll try again.


March 13, 2010

This is a view of Amboise from the Isle d’Or in the Loire.

After Nita’s observation that the water looked like it stopped at the bridge, I tried to add the feeling that it was moving under it – I’ve decided that this one is a throw away – it looks muddy and clumsy to me now, and it shows that I just wasn’t that interested while making the changes.

13 and 14

March 12, 2010

The photos of these are awful, but I can’t find the battery pack for my newer and better camera, and so was forced to use an old one.

I’m still working from photos and cheap paint.  As soon as the weather breaks and my new equipment arrivesI’ll try to go outdoors.  I’m actually not minding the cheap paint, but I’m sure it will be a huge difference when I do switch over.  This is beginning to be a lot of fun – I’m letting go of the stress I used to feel and really enjoying the process.

This one is a scene from a photo my husband took in Hana, on Maui – I was painting that day and missed out. People collecting something or other on the beach.

update – I made a few changes, but I don’t think the house in the trees is finished yet.

And this one is of a mysterious house owned by a wealthy, excentric old Amboise family.  Local gossip has them connected to an American railroad heiress a few generations back.  It is on a huge property, which must be worth a fortune, but goes completely unmaintained.  I caught a glimpse of it through the trees the other day, while walking to the hardware store to pick up some canvas panels.  I almost always drive,  and it isn’t visible in summer, so I’d never seen the house before from this angle.

8 • 9 • 10 of 100

March 10, 2010

Pine tree with feathers underneath– I painted this from memory after a walk when I came upon piles of white feathers under a tree after a hawk had his meal. I like the softness of it.– was drawn on regular drawing paper with watercolor added later.

This was painted while sitting in my car outside our local art association. I like the looseness of this one — but it might be a little too vague — what do you think?

I also painted this from my car –before going into the grocery store. My brush pen was really drippy and hard to control -so this one seems clumsy. I’d say the island pointing into the corner is a composition blunder….. also the parking lot seems to run off the page… I’d like to get more sence of distance into my paintings….anything else?

11 and 12

March 9, 2010

If you’ve been following along, you will recognize these – I’ve reworked previously used reference photos again. I did 2 today, but by the second one I became a bit slap-happy.  This really is like a sport – I feel like I’m learning technique and slowly gaining stamina as I go. These are supposed to be just ‘starts’, but I can never resist the temptation to work them a little more.  Tomorrow I’ll try to do 2 starts, with no detail at all.

I used cheap paint again, as I wanted to concentrate mostly on shapes.  It doesn’t make a very nice range of greens.  Anyway – slow progress being made, I think.